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Funding for Business Projects

AIC support is based on eligibility, merit and the amount of funds available to AIC. 

Funding is in the form of a conditional, non-repayable contribution and is not a "grant". Clients who are approved receive a legal agreement and must comply to set of conditions to ultimately receive the funding as non-repayable.

To be considered for a contribution, applicants and their business projects must meet AIC's and its partner AFIs eligibility and investment criteria. 

Funding is not provided upfront. It based on a percentage of eligible costs incurred and eventually claimed. Once a claim can be verified, funding can be paid.

The maximum funding that can be considered for any project is the sum of 40% of eligible capital costs plus 75% of eligible non-capital & planning costs for a combined total not exceeding $99,999.  Follow-on projects in future years normally see lower rates of support.

Who can apply and for what types of projects?

Indigenous Entrepreneurs

We focus on helping Indigenous entrepreneurs  in southern Ontario establish, improve and grow their for-profit businesses. 

Indigenous Organization Business Projects

Projects focused on planning in support of for-profit business activities in southern Ontario may be considered.